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Stress and Holistic Healing

Stress can impact us in a number of different ways. Sometimes we notice and feel its effects right away, while for some it isn't until the stress presents itself as a physical symptom that can no longer be ignored, before it becomes noticeable. Once we become aware of the problem we decide what the next steps are in order to work through and resolve the issue. Or maybe you decide to do nothing at all in hopes that the cause of your stress resolves itself.

Three years ago I would have choose the latter. I thought it was easier to just push through and focus on the responsibilities that were placed on me and the expectations I placed on myself. Like asking for help or even acknowledging my depression and my anxiety were somehow going to make things worse and not better. We have the tendency to believe that little voice in our head that says we should be capable of handling these every day tasks and to-dos, that we are some how inadequate or at fault if we cannot.

The longer we allow ourselves to be in a state of stress, the more of an impact it can have and the harder it becomes to reverse its effects. When I was struggling through the darkest parts of my mental health I had tried so many conventional medicine practices but had never felt that any of them were in line with my values, or considered me as a unique whole. I was completely unaware of the natural and non-invasive methods that were available and could have aided me on my journey to healing.

It is for that reason, in addition to many other personal experiences that the energy healing practice of Reiki resonated with me so strongly. I connected with the Buddhist philosophy and values that shared the same belief I held, that we are more than just our physical body, that all life is composed of energy and this energy exists within and all around us.

I believe it is my purpose to share this information and therapeutic healing practice with others and it was my passion to break away from the status quo and help others that led me to start my business The Light Journey. Now I have the opportunity to share my business and passion for healing with women in Calgary through the ATB #buildherbusiness competition!

The all or nothing nature of the campaign means that in order to be successful I need to meet 100% of my goal! The support received so far has been incredible and unreal, my heart is full. If you're still considering becoming a backer, your contribution will help me to manage current and future growth of my business and provide women in Calgary with holistic self care products and services that will help them overcome the stress and routine of daily life and get back to whats important!

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