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Candle Magic Workshop

After closing down my online Self Care Shop in August, it was my hope to begin hosting workshops in the Fall to pass on my love and knowledge of crafting handmade and intentional products to others. Well, the time has come & it's going to be a good one!

Event Details:

Candle Magic can be a powerful form of manifesting, wish fulfillment, empowering your intentions to make them a reality and bring focus to your goals. Though we will not be making candles from scratch, you will learn how to dress and anoint them using herbs, flowers and essential oils. As well as the significance and symbolism of the color energy and the plant medicines used for each one.

In this workshop you will learn how to work with and use candles with specific intention. Taking place on Friday the 13th, for even more magic and spiritual energy!

What's provided:

- All the materials needed to make x1 Banishing Candle, x1 Self Love / Emotional Healing Candle & x1 Candle that you can dress in whatever way your creative intuition guides you!

- This includes herbs & flowers, essential oils, x1 ceramic chime candle holder, a bottle of matches & a box so you can take your ritual candles home with you!

- You will also receive some take home resources for Candle Magic so you can explore crafting on your own!

If you'd like to learn more about this upcoming event or are interested in signing up, check out the link below!

Early bird pricing available until September 16th. Book early! This workshop is limited to 12 participants only.

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