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I am grateful for the wonderful variety of people that I get to work with and what my clients have to say is extremely important to my business.

It is for that reason, I am invested in making sure that you are happy with the products and services that The Light Journey offers.
Your feedback is welcomed and encouraged to ensure the highest and best level of service.

Take a look at what my past clients have said about their experiences working with me and schedule your appointment today!

"There are many times in life when we face daunting decisions about which direction to take.  At these times inner guidance and trust are our North Star. My distance session today with Shayleen from The Light Journey, was both enlightening, inspiring and gave me much needed clarity on the direction I should be taking. There were times during the session when feels and even voices guided me back towards my life’s mission and purpose.  Where I was lost, now I’m found.  Thank you Shayleen for your beautiful and transformative session."



"Wow! Thank you so much for the wonderful reiki session!!  I’m still feeling super relaxed plus I had the best sleep ever last night. I really do appreciate the awesome notes you sent. You gave me such great information!  That was the best reiki session I’ve ever had! Looking forward to another reiki session with you soon."


"My Reiki session with Shayleen was a true gift.  It was a beautiful time of reconnection with my inner self.  I felt her calm, gift of insight, & profound giving of her love. The sharing of my chakra health was wonderful.   I  loved that she gave helpful tools  to support my well being.  Thank you so much for this wonderful gift & may we connect again soon."

Flory ♥️

"I am so grateful to have met Shayleen and I'm so thankful for her help in discovering which chakras were blocked. She is very knowledgeable and has a gift. Thank you for your service and I look forward to reconnecting again soon!"


"My Reiki session with Shayleen has brought me more self-awareness and clarity in my life. Her skills as a healer was evident during our session and made for an enjoyable experience."


"I haven’t felt this kind of happiness since before I got sick and it means the world to me to have my life back again.. I never thought I would be myself again and it feels weird not to be mourning the person I was anymore, because she can now be a part of the person I am now. I’m truly genuinely happy now and excited for life.... Shayleen is fab and made me feel lighter than I’ve felt in years. Thank you kindly for helping me feel well! And I love the candles."


"Since my Reiki session with Shayleen, I have noticed improvements in my life.
I am happier, less stressed  and my mentality is more focused!!  I've been less tempted by distractions and have had opportunities to present themselves. On route to becoming the healthy, empowered individual full of potential."


"After purchasing my second set of scented bath salts from The Light Journey, I realize that I won't ever be able to take a bath now without Shayleen's amazing bath salts.  Not only are they scented with top quality essential oils and herbs, but each bag comes with a coordinating crystal. You can pop the crystal into your bath for extra healing effects - a genius idea!  I have two of the gemstone rollers.  I use one to increase my energy during the day and the other to help relax during the evening.  I also can't be without these!  The gemstone rollers are crafted with highest quality oils and a matching gemstone to amplify the effects of the oils.  There aren't enough positive accolades to describe the customer service that Shayleen provides to her clients. She goes above and beyond to ensure her clients receive the best possible experience with The Light Journey.  I can't wait to experience a reiki session with Shayleen once things get back to normal. Thank you so much Light Journey for crafting such top quality self care products, I'm so glad I discovered you!"


"For over a year, I have been seeing Shayleen for Reiki healing sessions. She is very professional and always prepared and on time for appointments... Reiki has been a key component of my recovery journey as there are somethings that therapy, talking and medications just cannot “fix” or heal... I have learned so much about energy and energy healing and have felt first hand the positive effects of Reiki energy healing... Shayleen has access to many spiritual and healing resources, in addition to being one herself! She has suggested some great books, websites and social media accounts to follow that enhance my healing journey. One of the things I love about working with Shayleen is if she doesn’t know the answer for something in the present moment, she always does her homework and comes back the next session with ideas and techniques to help. She is not only a healer but a motivator and inspiration to continue the healing journey. I am truly grateful to have Shayleen as part of my healing journey, I cannot imagine doing this work without her."


"I had a Reiki Chakra Cleanse and Shayleen has a very gentle approach and very calming voice, I could sense that her developed  intuition helped a lot for my situation, I love the fact that she is mobile and was able to come to my home at a time that was convenient bearing in mind I almost have no time for me. I am considering her pay what you can services in the future which I find very altruistic reflecting that she really wants to help her community sharing what she feels passionate about with care and respect."

Ingrid Gaytan

"Shay is just simply amazing at what she does. I had never done Reiki before booking with The Light Journey and she was so great at just sitting down with me and explaining to me how it worked... I always feel so much better after a session as well. It doesn’t matter if I laugh or cry during our time together Shay is always there for me and I am so happy to call her my friend."

Katie C.

"Shayleen is an intuitive and professional Reiki therapist. She has helped me with a number of different problems from alleviating my sore knees and neck to decreasing my stress and improving my relaxation! I would recommend her to anyone interested in trying or learning more about Reiki."

P. Smith

"I have had three Reiki sessions with Shayleen and found them to be very relaxing and helpful in easing the pain in my ankle and knee. The sessions are very informative and beneficial in making me more aware of my body's needs and issues. I am looking forward to more sessions. I would also like to congratulate Shayleen on her continuing journey in her career!"

Sharon M.

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