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The Magic Behind Reiki + Crystal Infused Healing Salt

I was guided to create these healing salts to aid others with their self care routine and to encourage mindfulness and self awareness by giving others the tools they need to grant themselves the time, energy and attention that we each need to feel balanced and whole.

The very first batch I made was as a gift for the mother of a friend of mine, I started by mixing the salt with different essential oils and flowers, using the sacred symbols and Reiki hand positions to bless the batch with the intention of aiding in healing and relaxation, then placed a crystal inside to amplify and prolong the universal energy.​

Since that first batch, the healing salts have transformed into something much more than I could have anticipated! I believe when we ritualize self care, it is the ultimate declaration of love for oneself. The devotion of our limited energy and time to this sacred practice is prudent to our understanding of self. By adding the sacred Reiki + Crystal Infused healing salts to your bath or shower you are consciously bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual. Allowing yourself to tune into the needs of your body so you can give yourself what you need in a way that feels true to what lies deep within your heart.

Inspired by the cosmos and my heart-centred belief that we are star stuff, I am delighted to be sharing this video blog -

The Magic Behind Reiki + Crystal Infused Healing Salt!

Get yours in-person or online today!

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