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Business Talk Radio 1 & Elevated Radio Interviews

Last month I was contacted by both Business Talk Radio 1 and Elevated Radio to be featured as a Holistic practitioner, in a short online interview. I really enjoyed this experience and opportunity to share my passion and purpose!

Each interview is between 8-10 minutes and you can listen to them below. This was the first time The Light Journey has been interviewed LIVE!

Click Here for Elevated Radio Interview with Sal Giangrasso.

- Find out why I started The Light Journey.

- Learn how holistic health helped me overcome stress.

- What is Reiki?

- Some insights and experiences!

- Helping others heal.

Business Talk Radio Interview with Christopher Roberts.

- Learn about The Light Journey.

- My background; what led me to Reiki?

- Reasons to connect!

- What are people using Reiki for the most?

- Why choose me as a practitioner?

I hope you enjoyed listening! Please share the interviews and your comments if you feel guided to do so! If you'd like to learn more or are ready to book your healing session, lets connect!

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