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April Updates & Reflections

It has been over a month since the Build Her Business competition ended. I still cant believe the struggle and the success that The Light Journey endured. I learnt so much about my business and and what it means to be a business owner. It was also incredible to see the way the community got involved to show their support as well as the support and encouragement that was ongoing between the competitors. This 5 minute video is a quick update about whats been happening since the campaign as well as some other exciting details and updates!

Video Recap:

0:35 - Reward Fulfillment (if you did not receive your reward or have questions concerns please email me!)

0:45 - The new Rise bath salt blend - I forgot to mention in the video that I am still working with the label manufacturer in L.A to sort out the images and artwork. Shipment for the reward has been delayed from end of April / beginning of May to the end of May. I apologize for the inconvenience and am working on getting these labels designed as quickly as possible!

1:00 - Since the end of the campaign...

1:10 - The audio IS on point!

1:45 - Yay! Environmentally friendly packaging FTW!

2:26 - Reiki + Crystal Infused Bath Salts for self care!

2:50 - Why you want to sign up for the newsletter!

3:13 - What else....!!

4:18 - recent updates to the online booking

4:30 - Give yourself what you need <3

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