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What to Expect after a Reiki Treatment

Aside from feeling a sense of peace and calm after your treatment, it's important to remember that every person and every session is different! After a Reiki session, we discuss the treatment responses and impressions that came through for the client. Oftentimes there will be physical sensations, images or symbols that appear in the mind's eye, emotional release, temperature change, etc.

Together we interpret and decipher the meaning in a way that you can understand and make sense of. Then I will share with you any intuitive messages or guidance that were received by your healing team, guides and higher self. As well as letting you know about any blockages or disturbances in the flow of your energy.

After that, we discuss a treatment plan and I will share with you my recommendations for self care practices or mindfulness techniques that can help you restore balance and well-being outside of and in-between sessions. The effects of Reiki Healing Energy last upto 10 days after a treatment, the most immediate and profound effects are often experienced during or shortly after the session, with more subtle changes and shifts occurring over the next few days.

Want to learn more? Ready to try it for yourself? Visit me at Coeo Healing Collective

or schedule a FREE 15-minute consult.

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