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Upcoming Changes!

I find myself on the cusp of some BIG changes and over the next few weeks there will be some updates to my Reiki practice and availability. On June 5th, Coeo Healing Collective (the wellness clinic I have been basing my Reiki practice out of) announced that they are going to be moving to a new location here in Calgary. If you're an existing client- don’t worry, they aren’t moving too far, just down into Victoria Park right next to the stampede grounds!

You can still book in with me at the current Coeo location in Bridgeland until June 30th!

While the clinic makes it's transition into its cozy new space, I will have a temporary change of availability for in-person appointments. The exact details will be announced in the weeks to come.

With all of these big new changes, I have also been inspired to make some long awaited upgrades to my professional Reiki practice! Over the next few weeks, I will be working to create a more integrative style of healing treatment that includes the gentle, non-invasive aspects of Reiki Energy, with the relaxation + relief of Massage Therapy, guided by Mindful Meditation, to help clients build and develop more mind-body awareness, so they can access the wealth of wisdom and healing they possess inside.

This new service isn't ready to be launched yet, but is in the slow, steady process of coming to life! Sign up for the newsletter or keep an eye on your inbox for more news ;)

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