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Spring Cleaning for Mind, Body & Spirit

I recently wrote a guest blog post for Coeo Healing Collective!

As you may know, I came across Coeo in October of 2022 and instantly fell in love with their space, their values and their community and collab attitude! I'm grateful for the privilege to be a part of their team and enjoy spending my time working the front desk of the boutique when I'm not in the back of clinic, practicing Reiki!

With Spring around the corner you may be feeling that internal nudge to clear out old, stagnant energy from your life and sacred space. For me, this time of year feels like fresh energy is just waiting to bud & bloom all around us! March brings momentum and gives me that extra motivation to wrap up unfinished business from the Fall and Winter months.

To start clearing away that old, dead and no longer needed growth, in anticipation of what's being created in the months to come - like a plant sprouting new leaves!

Click the link below for 10 ways to cleanse the energy within and around you to restore a state of harmony and balance!

Coeo is a healing collective and wellness boutique located in the lovely neighbourhood of Bridgeland. It is where my Reiki practice is based and they are a hub for all things health and wellness! Their mission is "Helping humans remember their connection to self, earth & source to embody their full expression & live extraordinary, intentional lives."

If you haven’t visited us yet, please come and say hello, we would love to meet you and support you on your path to wellness!

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