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Mobile Reiki Returning Soon!

The re-launch of mobile Reiki healing is still on schedule to become available starting June 25th. Please note that there will be new restrictions and guidelines in place to protect both client and practitioner as outlined by AHS. More details to come!

May 21, 2020 - I have recently received a number of inquires regarding the return and availability of in-person Reiki healing sessions. While the economy re-launches and businesses begin to open their doors, I know many people are eager to get back to their activities and resume their routines. I have decided to take a little extra time before transitioning back to providing mobile treatments. This decision comes after careful consideration and with the intention of granting both myself and my clients, a little extra grace and time to transition back into the 'new normal' and observe how the first couple stages of the re-launch goes. As of today, I am aiming for June 25th for booking to become available for in-person Reiki sessions. Both yours and my health & safety are of the utmost importance and it is my hope there are no further delays. However, the availability of in-person treatments is dependant on approval from AHSA and the success of the first stage of the re-launch. All Usui Reiki Training will continue to be temporarily unavailable until further notice and I will continue to send updates through the newsletter regarding appointment availability, booking and guidelines for personal safety.

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