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Sacred Space Circles is a female community group in Calgary, Alberta run by women for women.

After feeling guided to facilitate a space for like-minded babes to come together and build connection, Shayleen McHugh was encouraged and supported by her friend Sydney Jones to create this group.

We felt it was evident that there was a need in our community for women to come together and connect with and support each other. After some planning and a few brainstorming sessions, Sacred Space Circles was born in April 2019!



We offer a space for you to be your amazing, wonderful and unique self. We want you to show up not only on your good days, but on the difficult and messy ones too! We'll help you out by providing resources, support, connection and community. <3

Each month we host a brand new, unique circle as well as special events, workshops and offerings that provide a safe, judgement-free space for women to build community, explore their spirituality & express their true self.

The circle is open to those who feel called to attend or are seeking to connect with and discover their feminine energy.


Our mission is to provide a safe, judgement-free space for each woman who sits in circle with us.

We acknowledge that everyone is on a personal journey of growth, doing the best they can, with what they have. Open your heart and share your story, your fears, your triumphs, your challenges and everything in between.

Whether you are seeking or offering support, we each bring something unique to the circle to help each other heal and grow.

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As Sacred Space Circles continues to grow, it is our goal to be able to host more break-even events in a larger space, that will accommodate our activities and allow even more people to join us! 

It is our dream to build relationships with women near & far!

In support of this vision we are working on a brand ambassadors package so others can host ‘Sister Circles’ in their own communities across Canada.


To date we have been donating a portion of our event proceeds to the Women In Need Society and have raised over $200 in cash and donated countless household and clothing items.

As we continue to grow it is important for us to support not only this initiative but to support women's health a bit more directly.

With the help of our community, we came up with the idea of creating a Sacred Space Circles Travel Kit through The Light Journeys handmade Reiki Infused Wellness line. Shayleen will be donating The Light Journey's proceeds from each sale of this product to directly benefit and support the Sacred Space Circles community. This will help us to cover event costs, venue fees, workshop materials, guest speakers and more!

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If you're interested in joining our community find us on Instagram, Facebook or Eventbrite for upcoming events. 

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If you're interested in getting involved 

as a guest speaker or by offering event space, donations or resources please complete our contact form below.


Connect With Us

Sacred Space Circles & The Whispering Grove Sacred Solstice - A Collective Reflection
Sunday December 13 2020, 1:00pm - 5:30pm

Join us for a collaborative journey work and Winter Solstice inspired virtual workshop.

The Whispering Grove and Sacred Space Circles have joined together to present a Winter Solstice themed, half day workshop. The event is uniquely designed and will include: journey work, guided mediation, group sharing, reflective journaling, and intentional craft making.

Early bird pricing is available until November 15th. Visit the event for full workshop details or register to secure your spot!


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For more information about Sacred Space Circles - our program, activities and staff,
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Sacred Space Circles is The Light Journey's community give-back program and women's support initiative. Shayleen McHugh, Usui Reiki practitioner and owner of The Light Journey is host and facilitator of Sacred Space Circles.

If you believe in our message and want to help support our initiative, your generosity will help to cover event costs, rental fees, resources, materials and supplies for our community, helping to make Sacred Space circles even more accessible to those who are truly in need!

In exchange for your gift, you will receive a permanent space on our sponsorship list, monthly updates through the community newsletter and some other fun perks too!

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Disclaimer: Reiki products & services are not a substitute for medical treatments or medication and it is recommended that you consult with a physician regarding medical inquiries. Reiki involves a natural / holistic, non-invasive hands-on method of energy balancing for the purpose of pain management, stress reduction and relaxation.