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..carefully crafted gifts & other precious treasures to support holistic health, spiritual wellness, ritual work & personal magick..

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Enhance Your Self Care Routine

All items are handmade in Calgary, Alberta, Canada using quality ingredients. 

They contain no artificial dyes, synthetic perfumes or preservatives.


Pure, simple ingredients the way nature intended it

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Botanical Infused Reiki Blessed Bath Salt

I first started using Reiki to make botanical bath salt blends a few months into my practice. The very first batch I made was as a gift for the mother of a friend of mine. I didn't have alot of money at the time but wanted to give her something that would help her relax, nurture and care for herself, in the same way she so often did for others. I felt intuitively guided to create a herbal tea bath. I started by mixing Epsom salt with different essential oils and flowers, then used the sacred symbols and Reiki hand positions to bless the batch with the intention of infusing it with love, energy and peace.

I then placed a crystal inside to amplify and prolong the universal energy.


'Soak Your Stress Away'

Since that first batch, the bath salts have transformed into something much more than I could have anticipated!  It has become a self care ritual and an offering to help others overcome the stress and routine of daily life. By directing our love, energy and attention inwards we can reconnect with what's truly important and become the highest and best version of ourselves! Inspired by the cosmos and my heart-centred belief that we are star stuff.​

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Essential Oil Crystal Rollers

Embrace your inner green witch! These little roll-on's are jam packed full of plant power and universal energy to aid you with self care on-the-go! The idea was born, after a friend asked if I could bottle the scent of one of the bath blends -  so she could enjoy all the benefits without having to take a bath!  Though the fragrances were originally inspired by the bath salt line, they took on a life and energy of their own! Each one is handmade and contains essential oils, botanicals and is charged with Reiki. Each bottle contains a semi-precious gemstone roller ball to amplify healing.


Anointed & Dressed Candle

Manifest your goals, dreams and desires with dressed candles! A beautiful addition to your sacred space or altar, these candles are hand-crafted and lightly scented with essential oils, herbs and flowers. Each candle has been blessed with Reiki energy and charged with a particular intention: abundance, self-love, healing, romance, protection, etc. Used to enhance spells, ritual work or personal magick! Some candles may contain gemstones.

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