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What To Expect

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Reiki is given through a light, non-invasive touch where the Reiki Master places their hands directly on, or slightly above the energy centers of the body. Light tapping may be used to remove or release energy blockages. The Reiki symbols and mantras work together to bring healing and balance to help us become whole. It enhances spiritual growth and intuition, allowing those who give and receive it to feel a greater clarity about themselves and their lives. 

As each client is unique, the techniques used in each session may vary to suit the individual needs. A guided meditation or breathing techniques may be used by the Reiki Master to bring the client into relaxation as they start by scanning the aura of the body. Once the areas that require healing have been identified the Reiki Master uses sacred symbols, mantras and hand positions to channel the flow of universal life energy to the receiver. The length of time the healers hands may stay in one position varies depending on the needs of the client. You may be asked to turn and lie on your side or stomach for healing to the energy centers and organs in the back.

At the end of your healing session the Reiki Master will give you a few minutes to open your eyes, sit up and become re-acquainted with your physical body. It is important to drink water and be mindful of any cleansing symptoms. Reiki healing can last anywhere from 3-10 days and its effects can be felt almost immediately. The Reiki Master will discuss the treatment and is available for follow up questions or concerns. In order to benefit from the long-term effects it is recommended that you receive Reiki regularly and in addition to any pre-existing medical or holistic treatments you may be receiving.



Distance Reiki healing is given in the absence of a physical being, object or place. It works on all levels of the spirit body, including those that lie outside of space and time. It is a technique based on the principle of free and uninterrupted universal energy, which is always available, accessible and flowing.


Shayleen conducts Distance Reiki via Zoom video chat. She uses a combination of sacred symbols, crystals and geometric grids to send you energy. It is important to be mindful of when your distance healing is taking place so you can set aside the time as well to be resting or doing a low energy activity. This will allow you to be more aware of treatment responses or anything that may come through, as well as to get the most from the healing.

You will receive an email confirmation with a link to the zoom video call after you book your appointment. Each session lasts 45 minutes and includes a guided meditation to help you relax the body, focus your mind and calm the spirit. Any channeled messages that are received will be shared directly and you have the option to record your session. 


Please login or connect 5-10 minutes early so we can begin promptly at your scheduled appointment time.


Suggestions for preparing:

- set up on your cell phone, desktop or tablet

- have some light music playing in the background

- grab any crystals you may have or would like to be with you

- clear your space with sage, palo santo, incense or by lighting a candle

- use the washroom before connecting

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An integrative healing treatment that includes the gentle, non-invasive aspects of Reiki Energy, with the relaxation + relief of Massage Therapy, guided by Mindful Meditation, to help clients build and develop more mind-body awareness, so they can access the wealth of wisdom and healing they possess inside.


Your Reiki Massage session will begin and end with focused Reiki treatment. Allowing your body to begin the healing process on an energetic level. During your treatment, Shayleen will incorporate Reiki into the Massage techniques, enhancing the therapeutic effects for your overall well-being. Using the Reiki as a guide, we can pin-point specific areas of the body that are causing pain and discomfort, to release the mental and emotional tension that's been accumulated in the body.


By combining Mindfulness Meditation and Coaching with the Reiki Massage, it can help you maintain a moment-by-moment awareness of your thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and internal environment through a gentle, nurturing lens.

Depending on your needs and intention, one of the modalities may be applied more over the other. For example if your chief complaint is physical pain, your treatment may rely more on massage components and Reiki may be used lightly to support the body. Or if your intention is more related to the mental emotional, Shayleen may suggest using Reiki as the dominant modality, using massage lightly on one or two areas of the body to support healing.



Reiki will adjust itself according to the needs of the recipient to:

Support and activate your body's natural healing response.

Cleanse the body of toxins and support the immune system.

Loosen blocked energy that is trapped in the muscles, tissues, organs and bones.

Pomote a state of relaxation, joy and happiness

Re-establish spiritual equilibrium and mental well-being.

Relieve pain, stress, anxiety and grief.

Awaken and sharpen your intuitive abilities.

Enhance your creativity, mental clarity and focus.

Increase energy.

Release and balance emotions. 

Enhances personal awareness, spiritual growth and relationship with self.

Regulate hormones, blood pressure and sleep.

Balances the energies in the body to promote inner peace and harmony.

Release energetic blocks and suppressed feelings.

Support conventional medical practices.

Vitalize the mind, body and spirit.

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​Possible sensations that may be experienced during a healing:

Yawning, coughing, hiccups

Jerking, twitching, tingling

Sudden temperature change

Heat, warmth/hot spot, or coolness

Sudden thirst

Sensing or feeling another presence

Seeing colour/shapes, hearing sounds

Urge for emotional release or crying

Dull pain, sharp pain, pain twinges, movement of pain

Energy resistance (energy pushing you away)

Flowing or sensation of movement

Gas released (through mouth or rectum)

Pulsations, little electric shocks

Phantom hands (sensation of hands in two or more places)

A feeling of pressure in the head, or a headache

Thickness/heaviness in pressure in hands or body




To support your cleansing and healing process it is recommended that you:

Set an intention - energy flows where attention goes!

Be open to the energy and healing you will receive.

Hydrate - drink plenty of water.

Integrate - allow time and space to reflect on the healing session and what may arise afterwards. Then remember to apply the self-care practices that will help you reach your goals!

Eat healthy - keep the healing going with proper nutrition.

Reflect - express whatever thoughts or feelings may arise through dance, writing, art or talking to someone you trust.

Shayleen is always available to provide you with resources or additional support after your treatment ends.



A house cleansing & clearing can help to protect your sacred space from unwanted energy & entities and assists in releasing negativity so you can draw in peace and divine love & light.

In order to prepare:

Please ensure there are minimal occupants and pets in the home at the time.

Ensure a window or two is open on each floor of the home.

Open the doors to rooms that you wish to be cleansed, keep any areas you DO NOT want included, closed.

Treatment includes:

 Time to discuss your current concerns and desired intentions.

30-40 minutes of clearing the energy inside of the home using Reiki symbols, sacred herbs

(sage, cedar, palo santo, sweetgrass, mugwort etc), vibration and guided intuition.

Any insights that come through are provided to the client after the cleansing.

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