Rose Aura Sphere carries strong love energies. Place your sphere on your altar, in your sacred space or hold during meditation. The round shape helps to emit energy in all directions. Used as a window to the past or future, they move energy through time and can provide a glimpse of what is to come or what has been.


Rose Aura Crystal is Rose Quartz which have been formed through the bonding of Quartz and platinum, producing a dynamic energy that works on the pineal gland and heart chakra. Fills the whole body with love, restoring the cells to perfect balance. A good gift for a friend in grieving.


Pieces vary slightly in size, color and appearance.


Small Sphere:                                                      

Size: Approx. 30mm                                            

Weight: Approx. 45 grams 


Large Sphere:

Size: Approx. 35mm

Weight: Approx. 52 grams




*Price is per single sphere. Does not include holders or other gems / crystals.

Rose Aura Crystal Sphere

  • Metaphysical properties:

    • Stimulates self-understanding and self-love
    • Helps to release unexpressed emotions and heartache, soothing internalized pain
    • Strengthens empathy and sensitivity
    • Transmutes deeply held doubts about self-worth
    • Connects you with unconditional universal love
  • Due to the nature of the products ALL SALES are final.

    Exchanges will be accepted within two weeks of purchase date. Items must be unused, unopened and in new condition. Return shipping is at customer’s expense.

    If you are unsatisfied with your order for any reason do not hesitate to contact Shayleen.

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Disclaimer: Reiki products & services are not a substitute for medical treatments or medication and it is recommended that you consult with a physician regarding medical inquiries. Reiki involves a natural / holistic, non-invasive hands-on method of energy balancing for the purpose of pain management, stress reduction and relaxation.