This Chakra Meditation kit is designed to support mindfulness and enhance meditation! Connect with each of your energy centers and bring harmony and balance while clearing away anything that no longer serves your mind, body or spirit.


Use crystals and candles to connect with the corresponding chakra color, enhance meditation & ritual, or use to bring color energy into your sacred space.  The crystals and gems can be held during meditation, placed on the corresponding chakra while laying down, carried with you in the pouch, or placed around your home or altar.


Comes with eight unscented 4'' taper ritual candles:


- Red: Vitality, Desire, Survival - Root Chakra

- Orange: Success, Creativity, Joy - Sacral Chakra

- Yellow: Confidence, Happiness, Personal Power - Solar Plexus Chakra

- Green: Prosperity, Nature, Healing - Heart Chakra

- Light Blue: Communication, Self Expression, Tranquility - Throat Chakra

- Indigo: Intuition, Knowledge, Harmony - Third Eye Chakra

- Violet: Spirituality, Psychic Power, Wisdom - Crown Chakra

- White: Source, Protiection, Purity - Divine Love & Light


8pc Chakra Gemstone Set:


- Rainbow Aura Clear Quartz- activates all the energy centers in the body

- Amethyst - enhances higher states of consciousness & meditation

- Sodalite - unites logic with intuition & opens spiritual perception

- Blue Agate - encourages speaking ones own truth

- Green Aventurine - comforting, harmonizing, gently heals & protects the heart

- Citrine - cleanses the solar plexus & sacral chakras

- Orange Aventurine - promotes a feeling of well-being

- Red Jasper - supports physical health and grounding



Combine with your favorite music and meditation or visit The Light Journey on YouTube!




*Each candle burns for approximately two hoursNever leave burning candles unattended.


Chakra Meditation Kit

  • Connect with the healing energy of each of your chakras!

    • Contains 8 unscented candles & 8 gemstones/crystals in a pouch with a meaning card
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Disclaimer: Reiki products & services are not a substitute for medical treatments or medication and it is recommended that you consult with a physician regarding medical inquiries. Reiki involves a natural / holistic, non-invasive hands-on method of energy balancing for the purpose of pain management, stress reduction and relaxation.