Deepen your self exploration journey through the chakra system!


This digital course is designed to introduce you to the chakra system and deepen your understanding of your energetic self.  Learn at your own pace and return to the information and resources provided as often as you'd like!


The 7 Chakras help to give us insight into the inner workings of our mind, body and spirit.


Learn about:
-The Chakra system in detail and how it relates to holistic health and spiritual wellness.
-The relationship between the Chakras, the energy system & corresponding body parts- glands, organs, muscles & tissues.
-How to find blockages in the Chakras and clear them to restore balance.


You'll receive:
-Chakra Healing Guide
-Chakra Mantra Chants
-Daily Affirmations for each of the 7 Chakras

Guided, full-body Chakra meditation for activating and balancing your Chakras

-Discount code for The Light Journey's online self care shop

-Chakra Charts

-Additional resources



Strengthen your mindfulness to cultivate a greater degree of self awareness!

Chakra Healing Course

  • You will receive a downloadable file that contains:

    • 30 page Chakra Healing Course
    • Chakra Guide
    • Daily Chakra Affirmations
    • Guided Meditation to Connect with, Activate and Balance your Chakras
    • Chakra Healing Charts
    • Chakra Cheat Sheet + More!
  • All classes, courses and online workshops are non-refundable.