Amethyst Aura Cluster energy is a blend of magic and mystery. Place your cluster on your altar, in your sacred space, by your bedside or anywhere you could use a little energy and sparkle! A cluster has many points bedded, but not necessarily fixed into a base. Clusters radiate energy out to the surrounding environment and can also absorb harmful energy. They can be programmed with a particular intention and left in place to do their work. They are useful in cleansing a room or other crystals - in which case the crystal should be left on the cluster overnight.


This is natural Amethyst that has been heat infused with rare metals. The pure metals bond richly and deeply with the Amethyst; resulting in coloring that can neither be scraped nor scratched off. The crystal provides a full spectrum of colors, generating rainbows that delight your mind as the colors shimmer and change as the crystals are moved in the light.


Pieces vary slightly in size, color and appearance.


Small Cluster:                                                 

Size: Approx. '2.5'' X 1.5'' x 1.25'               

Weight: Approx. 95 grams                         


Large Cluster:

Size: Approx. '2.5'' X 2'' x 1.25'

Weight: Approx. 100 grams

Amethyst Aura Cluster

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  • Metaphysical Properties:

    • Healing
    • Enhances intuition and stimulates the third eye chakra, one’s ability to see beyond the physical universe
    • Attracts the Angels of Light
    • Focuses & amplifies creative elements
    • Connect with higher realms during meditation
    • Zodiac sign: Aquarius
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