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Reiki Therapy Now Available at Essence Wellness Clinic!

May was a very challenging month for me personally and I spent several weeks looking inwards. I had been feeling that it was time to make some changes to my Reiki practice but I wasn't completely aware of what that was going to look like. After a few weeks of turning inwards, listening to my heart and the not so subtle messages from the universe! I realized that I wanted to pursue moving my Reiki practice into a wellness center. I reached out to several different clinics and after some deep soul searching and a few sleepless nights, I decided to accept a position with Calgary's Essence Wellness Clinic!

Making this decision has been emotional for me, as with anything that is worth doing, it doesnt come without some sort of risk involved. There were moments where my path seemed to completely disappear and I found myself wandering through the seemingly dark abyss of the unknown. However one thing remained true- it is my passion and purpose to be of service by providing Reiki. I am hopeful that this transition will make The Light Journey more accessible to those who are seeking alternative health and wellness. I am excited to be in a new space within a holistic environment that comes with access to some new tools and amenities that will help support your healing.

*PLEASE NOTE - Mobile Reiki services will no longer be available. As a result of being in a clinic space with new overhead costs and rental fees, the mobile session rate of 75 mins for $88 will no longer be applicable. Clinic session rates are $125 for 75 mins or $75 for 45 mins. Distance Reiki and house clearings can still be booked via The Light Journeys website.

Though I have been blessed to have spent the last 5 years building relationships and connections through my mobile Reiki practice, the time has come to take the next big step forward on my professional path! This has been a big, emotional and important decision to me and I am graciously asking for your support as I move forward into unchartered territory.

These changes will be in effect beginning July 5th.

Reiki will be available at both the Marda Loop and Willow Park locations on select days of the week.

I am extremely excited to offer this guided healing work to you and support you in more ways on your journey.

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