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Reiki for Mental Health

This year, I commemorated my 5 years as a Reiki practitioner by sharing my story with Vick from Mental Wealth Campaign.

Mental Wealth is a movement for all minds. We offer a variety of easy to access, affordable, and free peer support groups, events and workshops that assist others in becoming mentally wealthy. Mental Wealth bridge’s the gap between traditional and non-traditional mental health empowerment techniques. We acknowledge all scientific and spiritualistic mental wellness tools and practices. We empower our community members to experiment with various techniques to improve their mental health while placing no bias over one particular method. Every person’s mental health journey is unique, and we lovingly support our community to find their unique mental wellness recipe.

Watch the Video below to learn about my journey with using Reiki to manage my Mental Health!

Skip ahead to 2:35 to get started!

8:18 - I share my experience with depression

15:00 - The start of my spiritual journey

23:50 - Discovering my connection to the universe

26:55 - Physical manifestations of stress

30:55 - The concept of Reiki

34:13 - Becoming an Entrepreneur

39:08 - How Reiki Works

"Who is Shayleen? Shayleen McHugh is a passionate, professional and intuitive Reiki Practitioner + Teacher. She has been working with the therapeutic practice since 2016, after receiving her master level training at Mount Royal University.

After her own personal experiences with mental health, stress burnout and recovery, Shayleen has developed a love for alternative wellness, holistic health and natural healing. With a focus in treating the effects of stress and trauma, she not only works with the symptoms an individual experiences but approaches the root cause of the imbalance as well. Shayleen believes that pain, illness and disease tend to occur as a result of the physical, emotional, mental and energetic systems no longer working in harmony with one another. She considers each unique client as a whole and uses a variety of relaxation techniques to support, guide and empower her clients to take control of their health and wellness."

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