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How to Become a Stockist!

After being guided to work with and explore the green world of plant medicines, I have discovered and connected with a deep, innate love and passion for crafting and creating Magick - in the form of botanical bath blends, essential oils, dressed candles and more! Each product is handmade and blessed / charged with the sacred Reiki symbols, mantras and hand positions that are used during a traditional healing treatment. Some items also contain the additional metaphysical properties and energy of crystals and gemstones!

These products have been handcrafted with the intention of helping others to relieve stress and the effects of stress through self care, mindfulness and self awareness. Inspired by nature, the cosmos and my heart-centered belief that we are star stuff, I have been carefully crafting essential oils, organic herbs and bath salts since 2016. Beginning with the Reiki Blessed Bath Salts, the product line quickly evolved to include the Essential Oil Crystal Roll-On’s & Dressed Ritual Candles, in 2019.

Are you a holistic practitioner, health & wellness clinic, spa or local shop interested in carrying The Light Journey's handmade Reiki Blessed Wellness & Ritual products?

Contact Shayleen via email for information.

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