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Energetic Spring Cleaning

Everything is energy, and energies can have negative, positive, or neutral vibrations. If you are feeling like the energy in your home is no longer light and clear, cleansing can be a powerful way of bringing awareness to what we no longer want in our lives. Your home is a representation of your mind, body and spirit. When your environment feels good, it helps you to feel good and just the same, when you feel good within, that is also reflected in your environment. Performing an Energetic Spring Cleaning can help to shift the energy of your sacred space and restore a state of harmony and balance!

Here are 10 ways to energetically cleanse your space:

  1. Declutter: downsize, donate and discard items that no longer serve you or that are taking up unnecessary space.

  2. Remove bad memories: re-organize your home by removing items that remind you of unhappy moments. Place new photos in frames, re-purpose or donate personal items or furniture that are making you feel heavy. Changing the energetic flow of the space will help you change your perspective!

  3. Deep Cleaning: give your home a good, thorough cleaning. Move the couches, dust the ceiling fans, wash the windows. Get into those drawers and nooks and crannies that you've been tossing stuff you may have forgotten about!

  4. Keep the mojo going with crystals and Himalayan salt lamps. Place crystals in your doorways and windowsills, this helps to create a protective barrier around your home while welcoming higher vibrations and energies.

  5. Burn incense and other herbs such as sage, palo santo and sweetgrass regularly.

  6. Light candles and decorate with colorful items; artwork, décor, throws and cushions etc.

  7. Place a small amount of salt in the corners of each room and outside the entrances to the home. The salt will do its job to absorb any negative energy or toxins and after a few hours you can vacuum it up, or toss it out.

  8. Play high vibration music such as sound bowls or angelic frequencies.

  9. Decorate with nature! Hang plants, flowers and herbs in every room to keep energy flowing and vibrant with life.

  10. Create an altar: find a spot in your home to create your own private altar. This is like a sacred space where you can home to meditate or simply sit and reflect. You can also include precious items on your altar such as crystals, photographs, and even any wishes or affirmations that you have made for the coming year.

To cleanse your home, smudge it with sage or incense. Beginning outside the front door of your home, set your intention to cleanse any unhealthy energies and heal any wounds within your home environment. Also set the intention to bring in fresh energy and healing light. You may want to create a mantra for the process to trigger this intention. You may want to just do it silently or with an ongoing prayer process. However you choose to address it, take your burning sage or incense and begin smudging first the stoop, then step in and work your way around the home in a generally clockwise direction. If you have more than one floor, then move up or down and do each floor likewise. This helps give our supporting space an energetically fresh start for spring.

Once you have done a complete energetic clean of your home, you can start to pay attention to when the energy begins to change and cleanse each room when necessary. If you have a home office and are stuck creatively, perhaps you need to clear the room, including your desk and computer or laptop. You may be having disturbed sleep; your bedroom might need a clean. Is there disharmony within the family? Cleaning shared spaces intending to bring calm to the area can help.

If you feel like you need a little extra support and guidance, you can now book The Light Journey for a professional House Cleansing & Clearing!

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