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Covid-19 Clinic Update

As a health clinic we are not subject to the Restriction Exemption Program. Proof of vaccination or negative COVID test is NOT required at this time. However, masking, physical distancing and all other COVID-19 safety measures are still strictly implemented.

See our clinic COVID-19 safety measures here.

"We do not require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test at our clinic. Your health and safety is our greatest priority and therefore we will continue to take all precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID. Our clinic safety protocols will remain in place which include masking, patient screening, use of PPE, sanitizing, hand hygiene and more.

As a local wellness clinic we hope to stand behind others and support everyone’s decisions with kindness during this time.

We thank you for all your support and understanding during these challenging times."

-Trudy Toews, Clinic Director

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