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Changes to my in-person Reiki practice & offerings

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Hello Community! I wanted to share a quick update regarding my Reiki practice and in-person offerings. The Light Journey recently celebrated its 3 year anniversary, which means at the end of November I have officially been practicing Reiki for 4 years!  What an honour it has been to support, witness and guide others to reclaim their own inner light through energy healing. 

As The Light Journey grows, it continues to be my goal to provide the utmost care to my clients and community. I strongly and passionately believe in the power of intention and ritual when nurturing the body, healing the mind and soothing the spirit. I want my clients to understand how powerful their minds and bodies really are and how to take control of their own health and wellness.

In order to provide the self care practices and resources that will support you in combating stress and living a balanced, healthy and purposeful life, I have a few changes coming to my in-person / mobile offerings. Both session length and cost will be increasing for in-person treatments. The current 60 mins for $69 will be increased to 75 mins for $88 and the current 90 mins for $99 will be increased to 1hr 45 mins for $118. I have made the decision to extend session times to offer you all more integral care and guidance. These changes will be in effect beginning October 22.

As my practice has developed beyond the traditional method of Usui Reiki Healing each in-person treatment now includes breath-work, light touch energy therapy as well as a guided meditation to help you relax the body, focus your mind and calm the spirit. Using crystals and guided intuition, any channelled messages that are provided to the client during the session will also be shared via email with recommended self care practices and homework. 

I am extremely excited to offer this guided healing work to you and support you in more ways on your journey.

Should the price increase be a cause of concern in maintaining your current self care practice, I invite you to look into my bundled sessions for a discounted rate or consider my 'Pay What You Can' offer valid on the second Friday of each month. Thank you for your understanding and continued support!

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