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Be Local YYC Member

Be Local is a network of community-focused businesses that are locally owned and

operating in Calgary. They strive towards creating a local economy that is sustainable,

resilient and works for everyone.

Towards this aim, the Be Local Network upholds the following values and principles:

  • Relationships: We seek relationships in our communities rooted in reciprocity – with other local businesses, customers, and suppliers. We recognize that true prosperity comes when we are able to move forward collectively and in partnership.

  • Environmental Stewardship: We recognize that protecting the environment is vital for the continued prosperity of our businesses and the communities we operate within. We conduct business today in a way that does not jeopardize our future.

  • Inclusion: We care about the well-being of all people and believe that a healthy economy and a sustainable community are ones where no one is left behind. We work hard to amplify the voices of our neighbors, including those who are marginalized, isolated or barriered.

  • Ownership: We are accountable for our actions. We hold the power to affect change through our businesses and in our community and we take that responsibility seriously.

  • Prosperity: We believe that true prosperity is more than just a measure of financial profitability. It is about resiliency and the ability to care for one another. We look for opportunities to work with other members of the network and our communities, leveraging our strengths, gifts and assets to spread sustainable solutions now and for future generations.

As a member of the Be Local Network, The Light Journey pledges support

for these values and principles. The Light Journey is committed to

a journey of learning and growth in aligning business practices and operations with

these values wherever possible.

Visit Be Local to browse their directory of YYC Small businesses with BIG heart!

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