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Build Her Business Winner Announced!

With today being International Women's Day, what better way to announce the winner of the month long ATB Build Her Business Crowdfunding Competition! This competition started in November of 2018 when over 50 female entrepreneurs gathered to learn about crowdfunding and this unique opportunity to leverage support from the community, to gain exposure and validation for their business ideas and goals. 30 women were approved and on February 1, 2019 twenty-two female based businesses from Alberta began on a month long journey of hard-work and hustle to bring their passion, their goals and their stories to the community. In the end 19 out of 22 of these women and their businesses were successful!! Only 7 semi finalists were selected and today, one winner takes the top prize!

I am honoured and grateful that The Light Journey was successful in exceeding it's goal of $6000. This was only because of the overwhelming support I received from each and everyone who has followed along with me on this journey. <3 Thank you for your generosity and more importantly thank you for believing in me, for lifting me up on those down days and for sharing in my success and in the new adventure, excitement and opportunity that is yet to come. This money will help to facilitate current and future growth of the business as well as allow me to further provide holistic products and services to help women overcome stress and stress related illness.

This video blog update shares some fun facts and statistics about the Build Her Business competition! As well as details about whats to come and who was the winner of the grand prize!

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