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What's next for The Light Journey!

This video blog shares important details about whats to come now that the ATB Build Her Business Crowdfunding Competition is over. What an incredible, amazing, overwhelming roller coaster of a ride the past month was! I am incredibly grateful for every single one of you that offered your support to me during this opportunity to help me grow my business and help others.Thank you to every one who shared my video, liked or commented on my posts, who contributed to the campaign or who shared what I was doing with their own network of friends, family and followers. And a huge thank you to ATB, All Things Jill, Simply Polished and Dub Tub for your local love and contribution to my campaign! Not only did I learn valuable information about myself and my business, but I got to witness first hand the effect that the strength of community can have when we pull together to lift each other up! We are all creating and building something unique and the more we can pull together and show that COMMUNITY OVER COMPETITION is more valued than using others to climb to the top and then not showing the same compassion to the ones who helped you get there. This is how we move forward, stronger and together onto the next chapter of the journey. <3

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