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Build Her Business Week 1


What an exciting, crazy, emotion-filled first week!

Here is a video update to share many exciting details with you:

0:58 - Find out what this campaign is really about!

2:22 - Helping you become mindful and self-aware!

3:05 - Find out what led me to pursue Reiki.

5:15 - Rewards Overview!

5:58 - The benefits of mobile Reiki!

7:00 - How to Boost?

7:35 - BoostR walk-thru (step by step)

11:42 - What is the money going to be used for?

12:32 - One of my biggest campaign goals!

14:41 - One more thing! What if you're not a local?

Thank you for your continued support and I can't wait to get a new camera and shoot better videos for you guys!

Ready to contribute?! Check out the campaign here!

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