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Mobile Reiki Guidelines & Restrictions

The following guidelines and restrictions are in place to protect both client and practitioner as outlined by Alberta Health Services.

Please answer the questionnaire below prior to booking your in-person / mobile appointment.

Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your session.

After completing the survey, please proceed to The Light Journey's guideline for personal health and safety below.


  • All materials, tools and equipment that come into the home are thoroughly disinfected and sanitized between clients

  • Hand washing will occur before and after entering the clients home

  • It is encouraged that you opt out of healing touch (the practitioners hands will float a few inches above the energy centers in the clients body) or consider a distance / remote healing via zoom.

  • Client agrees to adhere to personal hygiene and sanitation and will be responsible for providing a clean and sanitary space / environment for the session to take place. 

  • Client agrees to limit the amount of family members or occupants in the home during the appointment.

If you understand, agree to and are comfortable with these temporary guidelines, please move ahead with booking your appointment. In the event that the above requirements are not met, Shayleen reserves the right to end or cancel your session without notice. As required by AHS, a mask will be worn at all times by the practitioner. 

                                                                                    Thank you for your continued support!

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